Organizational Behaviour – Diversity concept

Organizational Behaviour – Diversity concept

1. What benefits do you see with the use of this OB concept? – the general overview of how diversity/conclusion concept has benefitted the organizations.

2. Identify two organizations known to successfully apply the chosen organizational behavior concept to their organizational structure. Provide a description of the organizations chosen, their background and how/why this OB concept was applied. Be sure to included examples of concept applied within each organization (answers may vary based on organization).

a. How this concept has impacted the organizations? (answers may vary based on organization).

b. How these organizations are being viewed as leaders in their industry because of the use of the OB concepts? (answers may vary based on organization)

1 organization  covering point 2, 2.a, and 2.b for the selected company. Total 4.5 max pages.

Instructions must be followed

• Images (graphs, charts, & images should not count towards your 6 pages of content – Title page and Reference does not count towards your 6 pages of content.  APA Format

• You must have at least 3 references (2 must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles). All outside sources should be referenced and must be properly cite both in text and on your reference page.

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