Assignment Overview

This Case Assignment will explore the types of commonly used statistics to describe data, as well as frequently used charts and graphs.

Case Assignment

  1. Discuss the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative data. (1/2 page)
  2. Describe three examples of qualitative data and three examples of quantitative data. Include potential response categories (e.g., “yes” versus “no”, likert scale of “very likely, likely, neither, unlikely, very unlikely”). (1 page)
  3. Describe a study that would use qualitative data. Then, describe a study that would use quantitative data. In each of these two studies, list ten possible variables that would be collected and types of response categories for each (e.g., gender would have two response categories for “male” and for “female”). (1 page)
  4. Choose a particular disease topic from the following list and provide descriptive statistics of the population at risk. Think gender, age, ethnicity, income levels, geographical distribution, weight/height, medical history, etc. Be sure to include at least 8- to 10-variables in your description. Potential sources of information include CDC, NHANES, WHO, Mayo, and NIH. Make sure to include appropriate citations on sources of data. Possible topics: Alzheimer’s, autism, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, lung cancer, obesity, Parkinson’s, stroke, etc. (1- to 2-pages)

Assignment ExpectationsLength: Case Assignment should be at least 5 pages (1250 words)

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