Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words.Ashley Pittman1 postsRe:Topic 2 Mandatory Discussion QuestionThe American Cancer Society can act as a resource to newly diagnosed cancer patients by providing unbiased information.  Information is presented in non-medical terms and is easily accessible.  Their website has information from prevention to treatment and all steps in between including side effects from treatment.  The ACS website offers information on financial assistance as well as resources for family members who may be affected by the new diagnosis.  The link for getting involved provides people with options to donate money or their time.  Volunteering with an organization such as the ACS can be quite beneficial for those affected by cancer as well as connecting people who are facing the same diagnosis.Factors that include incidence and mortality rate include poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, being overweight or obese, use of tobacco and/or alcohol, living a high-risk lifestyle, coexisting infections such as HIV and Hep C, and sun exposure.  Changes that we are seeing to reduce incidence and mortality include increased education and awareness, access to screenings (colorectal and/or cervical), vaccines (HPV), and treatment of those coexisting infections.The research topic that I found was related to the financial costs of smoking-related illnesses and their impact on society.  It’s estimated that society faces a loss of $422 billion in health-related expenses.  The importance of this particular study was the focus on low and middle-income countries, the first of its kind.  These countries account for 40% of the cost mentioned.  By bringing this to attention hopefully we can provide more education and resources to these areas.

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