Part 9- APA Format- 750 Words

For this assignment, please add a new post to the discussion thread, with your answers to the questions below. Your initial post must be at least 750 words. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research, to support your views, as appropriate.

Continue using your Term Paper Template file. You will use this same file throughout the semester to complete each week’s assignment.
This week you will write the Your Company’s Infrastructure and Information Systems Needs section of your term paper. Topics to cover in this section include your plan for your company’s IT infrastructure (chapter 5), use of telecommunications, networking and wireless technologies (chapter 7), use of functional information systems, such as production and operations, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, and human resource information systems (chapter 2), use of enterprise applications for supply chain management and customer relationship management (chapter 9), and an analysis of your company’s internal operations against Porter’s value chain model, with a recommendation for how IT can be used in your organization’s value chain to increase your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness (chapter 3).

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