Peer Review Discussion: Poetic Justice

Peer Review Discussion: Poetic Justice

Imagine yourself on a cold day alone in the house, waiting for the phone to ring. The snow coming down outside is fantastic, acting like a huge magnifying glass for your emotions. There is no way to capture this moment, no way to explain these feeling except with poetry.

Poetry starts with an emotion, an image, an event, or an impression. Imagine the moment you want to capture as a giant block of ice. The poem is beneath the shapelessness. Your job is to use the tools of sound, structure and figurative language to make the poem take shape so others can share that moment or feeling with you. Read the following directions.

View the Peer Review Discussion rubric used for grading this assignment.

NOTE: At this time, the teacher grades your evaluation of your peers. Your poem itself will be evaluated at the end of the unit.

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