Personal health essay

Read the article first, then follow the outline write a 3 pages essay (you do not need to fill the outline, is just give you the main point of how to structure the essay)

  1. Introduction-Introduce the topic of your paper by presenting a question, problem, or issue researchers in the article have investigated.  4 points
  2. What was the purpose of the study? 2 points
  3. How did the author or authors establish the importance of the purpose of the study? 2 points
  4. If the author or authors presented a hypothesis or predicted results, describe it. 2 points
  5. Describe the important results (“important” refers to results specifically related to the study’s purpose) 2 points 
  6. Discuss the relationship of the study’s results to the topic in the textbook chapter. 2 points
  7.   What were the intervention in the article or articles? 2 points
  8.    What were the conclusions the author or authors presented with respect to the article’s purpose? 2 points
  9.  What is the APA citation for the article? (Provide the complete APA formatted citation for the article)2 points

Sharp, P. M., & Hahn, B. H. (2011). Origins of HIV and the AIDS pandemic. Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine1(1), a006841. doi:10.1101/cshperspect.a006841

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