Persuasive Speech

Social Issue Presentations Requirements:

There is a PowerPoint under module 7 that will be VERY helpful for you all to reference to learn about the details. However, I will list them for you here:

  1. You need to be following Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (reference the PowerPoint in module 7 as it perfectly spells this out for you).
  2. This presentation needs to be 7-9 MINUTES.
  3. Must have SIX SOURCES!
    1. You will need to do outside research. You can do this through edu, and use the database to begin your search.
  4. FOUR of your SIX sources must have been published in the last four years.
  5. FOUR of your SIX sources must be published, scholarly research from the databases.
  6. TWO of your SIX sources may be from other sources that are not from scholarly sources (such as the NY Times).
  7. All SIX of your citations should be cited in your presentation.


For 30 points, you will submit a typed outline.

  • It will have full sentences of your claims followed by references in APA style.
    • Example: According to Ono and Sloop (2019) “_________.”
    • This is how you will incorporate citations into your speech as well as your outline.
  • You will need a reference page in APA style (at the end of your outline).
  • All in all, this is a very detailed outline of your speech, and your speech should be very well-rehearsed, crafted, and polished.



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