Make sure to follow all the rules on the syllabus (including the rules about adding spaces between the questions).** There are four questions below. Each question is worth 5 points; total available = 20 points.

**It will be to your advantage to start to think about and answer the questions as soon as you can. However, do not turn in your answer document until you receive back your graded Practice Quiz – which will help you decide if you are constructing an appropriate document. I will be returning the graded practice files late Friday and/or early Saturday.

Make sure that you know what a definition really is. There are lots of fake types of definitions.

1. Provide an accurate definition of “rational belief.”

2. Provide an accurate definition of “rational act” (action, behavior).

3. Provide an accurate definition of “rational person.”

4. Think: How are these three different things related to each other? (Strict limit: No more than 100 words, but otherwise use enough to make your ideas clear to me.)

Grading Rubrics include

(1) The competent use of the English language to express ideas clearly (no vagueness) and precisely (no ambiguity); rewriting, polishing your answers before turning them in will help.

(2) The accuracy of the claims made and the avoidance of confusion and mistakes.

(3) Demonstrating an effective understanding and use (or application) of course material. Read assigned material carefully, so you can apply it accurately and relevantly.

(4) The significance of the ideas expressed: avoiding shallow, superficial thoughts (and the trite or mechanical); aim for interesting, illuminating, insightful, creative, and provocative ideas.

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