Philosophy of Mind (Essay)

At least 750 words

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Your answer should be a polished piece of writing. As I have emphasized elsewhere, simple, clear, to-the-point prose is preferred. You do not want your reader (me) to be doing a lot of interpretive work or having to guess what you are trying to communicate. You can assume that your reader knows something about the positions you are discussing, but there is nothing wrong with making it clear that you understand the views in some depth. You should definitely clarify any details about the views that are relevant to what you are arguing.

Answer the following question

If you were forced to choose between Cartesian Dualism, Radical Behaviorism, and (Type-) Identity Theory, which would you choose and why? Do the best job you can to argue for the position that you think is the best out of the three. Note: you are being asked to defend a position here. There are lots of ways to go about this. An obvious strategy is to discuss arguments in favor of your preferred approach, but it might also be worth criticizing the alternatives or defending against obvious objections.  [20]

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