Philosophy of religion, assignment help

Several religions believe in the existence of only one God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. But is the God worshiped by, say, Muslims or Christians the same as other monotheistic religions?

Your assignment is to research this question, take a position, and provide three reasons that support your argument based on course material from Read, Attend, or additional research in the Bethel library. Popular websites are unacceptable. For help in developing a strong argument, please refer to the Writing Guide posted under Course Materials. 100 words

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The following resources are available: For scholarly articles and other academic resources in the Bethel library, see: . For APA guidelines, see:

For argument style, please use correct grammar, punctuation academic language, and APA formatting. For argument substance, please state your position clearly and provide reasons that substantiate your claim (see: the Writing Guide posted under Course Materials). For each Discuss and Complete assignment, you are required to cite scholarly sources in Read, Attend, and additional research in the Bethel library

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