Planning A Preschool Lesson

or this assignment, you will develop an activity which supports the cognitive development needs of preschool-age children.

  • Create the lesson plan in a Word document. See the outline provided below.
  • After completing the lesson plan, answer the questions in Step 2.
  • Use citations and references in APA format to support your responses.

Step 1.
Complete the lesson plan, addressing all of the fields.

Step 2.
After you have completed the lesson plan, address the following questions about your lesson plan in a 1- to 3-page paper. Answer each question in a well-developed paragraph. Include an introduction and a conclusion.

  • How does the lesson support cognitive development?
  • How does the lesson align with developmentally appropriate practice?
  • What theoretical foundations support your lesson?

Lesson Plan Outline

Activity: (Describe the activity in several sentences)

Developmental Areas: (Specify 1 or more developmental areas impacted by this activity)

Learning Objective: (Begin with a measurable verb.)

State or National Standards: (List one or more standards)

Materials: (List)

Procedure: (Write out steps in sentences.)

Methods of Assessment: (Explain how you will measure student learning)

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