Please 250 words with apa style, Attached is the rubrics pleas follow them. No more than 10% similarity index

The discussion should have two references within the past 5 years in APA 6th. edition format. Students may use the textbook as a reference source with a minimum of 250 word.There is a minimum of two references required for each post.Reflect on the role that the electoral process and government plays in one’s daily work and family life. As nurses, health policy can influence both arenas of our lives. What policy issues might drive nurses to lobby Congress and/or get involved in campaign politics? What strategies might nurses use to have their voices heard?The American Nurse: week’s assigned reading includes chapters 44, 45, 46, 49.The objectives for this week are as follows:1. Cite the relationship and functioning among the federal, state, and local levels of government and how nursing can have an influence.2. Describe the electoral process and the importance of voting.The initial post MUST include the main concepts in the rubric..All work submitted by students must contain no more than 10% similarity index; any percentage greater than 10% is unacceptable and considered as plagiarism. Papers submitted with greater than 10% similarity index may receive a grade of zero.

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