please answer base in this answer in APA format .Write at least 250 words , please answer the comments by number and list your answers please, thank you

1-Telling teenagers not to do something can sometimes have the reverse effect of what we wish to happen. Instead of telling teenagers to not have sex, even though we want them to refrain from it because of the risks of infection and pregnancies, it is more important to educate them on how to have safe sexual intercourse and how to effectively use methods of contraceptives. It is better to work with teenagers instead of against them.2-I agree with you about African American teens still have the highest pregancy in USA and they are facing greatest risk for preeclampsia, low birth weight infant, and preterm delivery.  Unfortunately, these teens were born to teen moms as well and their vicious cycle doesn’t seem to end.  They lack parental supports, no desire to be educated, and drop out of high school and work at lower paying job inconsistently.  Kids born to teen moms usually grow without their father as well and being a teen mom seems almost normal to these young girls growing looking at their young mom without any role modles guiding them to the right way.3-. It’s amazing and sad how poverty can have negative impact on so many things. Socio-economic circumstances seem to play a major role in rates of teen pregnancy. Throughout the developed world, teenage pregnancy is more common among young people who have been disadvantaged in childhood and have low expectations of education or the job market.  The literature shows that youth living in poverty have a teen pregnancy rate which is five times the average. For some disadvantaged youth, particularly for girls whose self-esteem tends to drop as they mature, sexuality may be all they have to value. Lack of opportunity and hope for the future, have been identified as a driving force behind high rates of teen pregnancy.

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