please answer these english questions 18.19.20

1.)Read the scenario:
Casey has been following a highly publicized criminal court case. In his research, he comes across two sources: one is a newspaper article written by a reporter who has been attending the trial and the other is an opinion piece published on the blog of concerned citizen. Casey notices that the two sources use very different language. In the newspaper article, the reporter refers to the defense attorney’s arguments as “misguided”; the blogger refers to these arguments as “foolish.”
Which answer is true of the differences in the vocabulary adopted by each source?
 1.The blog source is more honest and up front about the facts of the trial. 2.The newspaper article strives to portray everyone in the best light.
 3.The newspaper article aims for objective language choices.
4. The blog source aims for a less critical tone.

2.) Read the scenario:
Carlos runs a business and has noticed lately that a few of his employees are taking longer breaks than are allowed. This is affecting the morale between employees, so Carlos decides to compose an e-mail to all of his staff addressing the problem.
What is the most accurate and professional phrasing that Carlos could use in his e-mail?
 1.He could ask that all employees be “mindful” of the time allotted for breaks and how “tardiness” affects their relationships with their colleagues.
2. He could point out that using too much break time is “stealing” and that it “burns bridges” with colleagues.
3. He could state that the “dishonesty” regarding break time limits will no longer be “tolerated.”
4. He could demand that all employees “report” to him before and after breaks so that he can “monitor” the situation.

3.) Constance is preparing an instruction sheet that outlines the tasks that her house sitter will need to attend to while she is away on vacation. There are many items around Constance’s house that will need attention, and Constance is unsure of how to organize the document to cover all of the tasks in a clear manner.
What is the best structure that Constance could use in her instructions sheet?
1. She could use headings to differentiate between tasks and subheadings to show further divisions of information under the tasks.
2. She could split the instruction sheet into chapters and use a full paragraph to address each task separately.
 3.She could use bullets to address each task for which the house sitter will be responsible.
4. She could use bold text to indicate the most important information and tasks.

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