Please answer this question in APA format. Follow the instruction carefully. Write at least 250 words in the first assignment. And follow instruction about Plagiarism. Thanks.

Discuss disparities related to ethnic and cultural groups relative to low birth weight infants and preterm births. Describe the impact of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and on the community (short-term and long-term, including economic considerations, on-going care considerations, and co-morbidities associated with prematurity). Identify at least one support service within your community for preterm infants and their family. Provide the link for your colleagues to view. Does the service adequately address needs of this population? Explain your answer.Class please view the Preventing plagiarism Tutorial and View the attached table which highlights common types of plagiarism and  post at least TWO things you learned about preventing plagiarism.  Doing so with accurate information will net you credit for one substantial reply in this weeks DQ.Watch for “CAT Extra Credit” Posts each week as it is a way that you can earn substantial replies.  Lisa

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