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dear writer here are the instructions for this assignment :

This assignment extends your work from the Policy Tracking Spreadsheet. Most often, elected officials and their staff must find a way to keep track of the calls, emails, and concerns. In addition, legislators need to know whether an issue will or will or not fall into a committee they serve on. It also helps to be educated on what other state legislatures are doing around these issues. For this assignment:

  1. Pretend you are a legislative/policy analyst in the legislature for the state you reside. Please feel free to change the return address info at the top. List your name, etc.
  2. List the current state policy issues from the previous assignment.
  3. For the status, list where it is currently (is it just a rumor, is being highlighted in the media, etc?)
  4. Next, list the issue and what committee it would appropriately fall under.
  5. Research the current chair of that committee.
  6. Perform some national research. What are other state’s doing in this area?
  7. List any important statistics, media, blogs, or videos regarding this issue.

Don’t forget to use some of the websites below to aide your research.






I did also add a file my instructor upload download it and see what it means

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