Purpose: Students will develop a practical, three-step strategy to address (at least one of) the causes of world hunger or discuss the primary life stages in a powerpoint presentation.

The assignment fulfills:

Module Outcome 9: Defined and characterize the terms hunger, malnutrition, and Undernutrition

Module Outcome 10: Examined Undernutrition in the United States and highlight several programs established to combat this problem

Module Outcome 11: Examined Undernutrition in the developing world and evaluate the major obstacles that hinder a solution

Module Outcome 12: Outlined some possible solutions to under-nutrition in the developing world

Module Outcome 13: Evaluated the consequences of undernutrition during critical periods in a person’s life

Course Outcome 5: Discuss major nutrition-related diseases in a global context

Develop a powerpoint response that addresses the following

• a description and analysis of one of the causes of world hunger

• a three-step strategy for combating the problem

• a justification for the strategy format your powerpoint consistent with APA guidelines, and the established powerpoint rubric.

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