PowerPoint presentation from Cultural group-African American & African, and the Socio-cultural group-African American Heritage, Haitian heritage.

Set up a PowerPoint presentation (APA style). Minimum of 16 slides, from the following cultural group and the socio-cultural group provided below.- Cultural group: African American & African.- Socio-cultural group: African American Heritage, Haitian Heritage.The presentation will address the following:• Values• Worldview• Language and communication patterns• Art and other expressive forms• Norms and rules• Lifestyle characteristics• Relationship patterns• Common rituals• Degree of assimilation or marginalization from mainstream society• Health behaviors and practices.This PowerPoint presentation must include a comparative and contrast analysis of common characteristics and distinguishing traits between the cultural group and the socio-cultural group. As well as a brief explanation of differential approaches needed by health care professionals.Provide a minimum of 5 references.Provide a minimun of 16 slides.

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