Prep Paper Assignment

 Read: Takin’: pages 12-20, 28-33, 42-47; 

read the following documents: 

• Martin Luther King, The Power of Nonviolence 

• Anne Moody, The Jackson Sit-In 

• Letters From Mississippi 

• Sheyann Webb, Selma Write: 

Assignment must be typed, double-spaced, with your name at the top Write a paragraph that answers this question: What claims does Martin Luther King, Jr., make for nonviolent resistance? In answering this question, think about the questions below to focus on the points that should be covered. • What are the characteristics of nonviolent resistance, according to King? • How does nonviolent resistance work to bring about change? • What does nonviolent resistance demand of the person doing the nonviolent resistance? Do not write a paper answering each of these questions individually. The prep paper will be a coherent paragraph. It should begin with a topic sentence like this one: In the early 1960s, Martin Luther King, Jr., explained the principles of nonviolent resistance. Feel free to use this topic sentence as you like or to write one of your own, but, in any case, your paragraph must start with a topic sentence that explains the point of the paragraph. Your paragraph must be at least five sentences in length, including the topic sentence.

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