Prepare Poetry Annotations, english assignment help

See attached Poems for this assignment (chose one but not “Spring and All”)

Write eight annotations that help a reader understand the tone, mood, and meaning of a poem from this lesson
(except “Spring and All” by William Carlos Williams). Your assignment is also to write an introduction paragraph
that explains the overall meaning of the poem, based on examples from the poem. Your focus should be on the
connotations and figurative language in the poem that you’ve selected.
Your assignment should include the following elements:

  • Eight annotations, each of which focuses on a separate line of the poem you’ve chosen
  • An introduction paragraph that explains the overall meaning of the poem and puts the annotations in context
  • The full text of the poem you’ve chosen, with clear indications of which lines each annotation explains

Ask yourself these questions as you revise:
Do I focus on a variety of elements in my annotations? Do I explain different kinds of figurative language,
including connotations?
Do my annotations explain how the figurative language and connotations in the poem affect its tone and
Is it clear which lines of the poem my annotations are intended to explain?
Does my introduction paragraph focus on the overall meaning of the poem and avoid going into too much
detail about a specific part of the poem?
Do I back up the explanations in my introduction paragraph with examples from the poem?
Use this

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