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Read the “Numbers Can be Worth a Thousand Pictures: Individual Differences in Understanding Graphical and Numerical Representations of Health-Related Information” article prior to answering. Informed decision making in the mental health and medical professions requires the ability to understand and effectively communicate statistical information. For this discussion, address the following in your post:

  • Select one mental health disorder of your choice based on a valid diagnostic category in the DSM-5.
  • Research the disorder and locate relevant statistics obtained within the past 7 years regarding overall prevalence, gender and age differences, and treatment options.
  • Present this information in the discussion forum in two formats: Format 1 for individuals with high graph literacy; Format 2: for individuals with low graphic literacy but high numerical literacy. Information regarding each of these two formats is discussed in the assigned article.
  • Be sure to include your references in your discussion post, that are formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

1. Take a look at the research article attached to this post titled, Can We Undo Our First Impressions: The Role of Reinterpretation in Reversing Implicit Evaluations? Notice how the author uses a combination of graphics and text to communicate research results.

2. Do Your Own Work–do not copy and past graphics from other’s work–this includes from websites, books, articles, etc.

3. You may attach a Word, Excel, PPT or pdf document. These are the easiest ways to make sure your graphics are viewable.

4. You should present you data--the same information–in two ways (graphics and text) and specify which data presentation is for Format 1 (high graph literacy)
and which is for Format 2 (low graphic literacy but high numerical literacy).

5. You may paste the text portion of your post in the discussion board, but to ensure that the graphics are readable, it is recommended that you attach the graphics portion of your post in a document in one of the formats listed in #3 above.

Review the following website for examples of how to effectively present information graphically.…

Can We Undo Our First Impressions The Role of Reinterpretation in Reversing Implicit Evaluations Mann 2015 ebscohost.pdf

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