prisoner rights , sociology homework help

Here are some examples that that you can use:

prisoner rights ,death penalty, poverty, women’s rights orLGBT rights, Research your topic and discover the issues. Describe these in a few paragraphs, starting each new response with the question it addresses:

Where is your topic most relevant in 2014?

Who is most affected by the topic?

Apply the sociological perspectives on stratification to explain how social class and stratification affect your topic.

What are some projects in place that will address the problem (suggest one if none exist yet)?

Why did you choose your topic?



learning about the topic affected your ideas going into this assignment? Have any of your views

changed since learning more about the topic?-

related topic, if you so choose.

Your response must be a minimum of two pages

in length, answering the questions above. Use appropriate APA style and in-text citations and references.

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