Problem Solutions Matrix 4-2

On the “Problem Solutions Matrix,” handout, the category “Customer Importance” received twice the weight of all other categories. Using what you learned from the Topic Materials, discuss the relative importance of this criterion.

1. Discuss whether you think this weighting was appropriate, and explain why.

2. Discuss whether there are additional criteria that should have had greater weight and explain why.


Resources :

Read “7 Steps to Using Prioritization Matrices,” by Bonacorsi (2011), located on the Process Excellence Network website.


The “Table of Contents” located on the Research Methods Knowledge Base website can be used to access a wide variety of information about both qualitative and quantitative research and should be used as a resource for developing and conducting both types of research throughout the course.


Review “Analyzing, Interpreting and Reporting Basic Research Results,” located on the Free Management Library website.


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