For this assignment, you will construct a chart that organizes your topic research and allows you to analyze each topic across certain key dimensions.  You already have the information on the chart.  The chart is merely a graphic representation of your research to date.When working with so many references, it can be difficult to remember the contribution that each article has so that you can synthesize the findings. This is a skill that is developed over time and requires practice and patience. Finding ways to keep the information organized can save you time and ensure accuracy when writing your Signature Assignment. Creating a chart of references with the most important information can be a great resource to organize information and serve as a quick reference when writing your paper.  You already have the information on the chart.  The chart is merely a graphic representation of your research to date.  Here is also where reviewing your mind map is useful.  It will confirm that what you present represent actual subtopic/themes that provide evidence-based support for your topic.Review the following example to get an idea of how you can prepare such a chart. You may need to add categories to your chart, appropriate to your own research. In addition, you will want to cover the levels found in The Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH): Transparency Research Standardization Replication Fidelity Scale Meaningful OutcomesLength: 1 chart, with information included in a logical way (e.g., by date of research, by program or intervention you are studying, or by any other criterion which makes sense for your literature review).  Use color coding within the chart as an additional organization tool.Resources: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly articles that you will use for your Signature Assignment.2Before writing your literature review, it is essential to develop an outline.  For this assignment, you will create a comprehensive outline that will help guide you in your Signature assignment. The outline will show the organization of your ideas and the order in which you plan to present them.  Note the references you currently have for each topic and the topics that need further research before you write your final paper. The annotated outline is a crucial tool in development a research-worthy evaluation.  It provides a flow chart of what will contribute to the final topic. Each topic will be supported by a topic heading, subtopic heading, and research cited. You already have this information in your mind map, annotated bibliography, and chart.  So, don’t be alarmed.  Take a deep breath and bring it all together! It may be useful to stare at a blank wall with your information in front of you and to organize it based on relevance.  Review the following dimensions and/or questions to complete this assignment: Introduce the problem: Definition and extent of the problem. What are the effects of the problem on the population? Identify the emotional, cognitive, and/or psychological effects. Review evidence-based research: What are the issues the research has identified regarding the problem; what types of Methodology are used? What are the Findings and Conclusions from the research? Identify the programs: Are the programs used to address the problem within a chosen population drawn from evidence-based research?  Focus on evidence-based research. Summarize the research: What works in the real world? Conclusion: What are the future directions of the research and the programs?This outline will serve as the structure for your Signature Assignment Paper and presentation. Therefore, it must be well organized and logical. Together with your instructor, you will revise the outline as necessary for better structure or to include necessary, but missing points in the argument or supportive research.  Your literature review may be organized differently than the example provided this week because it will relate to the topic you are studying and its important points and aspects.  Submit your outline, along with a reference list that reflects the research you noted in your outline. Your instructor will guide you concerning any improvements you need to make in the structure or content of your outline.  Provide enough detail that a reader may discern the overall ideas your assignment will address.Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pagesReferences: Include a minimum of three scholarly resources for each subtopic you list

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