PSY 6802 Week 6 – Assignment: Explain Motivational Strategies for Concerned Parents

.InstructionsBased on what you have learned so far, you now have another opportunity to help parents. Select a grade level, kindergarten through 12th grade, as the focus of this assignment. Assume some of your students’ parents are concerned about motivating their children to successfully learn. Compose an email to these concerned parents in which you address the following:Explain the effects motivation has on learning and behavior. Provide examples specific to your targeted age group.Determine how you can maximize productive feelings and minimize counterproductive feelings related to school and academic success.Select strategies you intend to use to address students’ basic needs in the classroom.Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pagesFormat: Appropriate subject line, Signature line, and greeting to parent(s) by name

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