Psychological Skills Inventory for Sport, psychology homework help

The Sport Psychological Inventory developed by Nelson and Hardy* has been called, at different stages of its development, Sport(s) Psychological skills Index (SPSI) and Psychological Skills Inventory for Sport(SPSI).

This assignment is divided into two parts:

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Part I –

  1. Download the attached Word or pdf file.
  2. Complete the Psychological Skills Inventory (complete the survey based on a sport that you have had the most experience with and one in which you would like to improve) according to the instructions and scoring criteria.
  3. At the end of the questionnaire label and obtain each of your seven subscale scores and convert each total sub-scale to a percent.

Part II –

  1. Apply what you have learned about psychological skills training by applying these principles to improving your athletic performance.
  2. Use the information from the appropriate Chapters 11 (Introduction to Psychological Skills Training), 12 (Arousal Regulation), 13(Imagery), 14 (Self-Confidence), 15 (Goal Setting), and 16 (Concentration) you will develop a Psychological Skills Program to improve your performance.
  3. Do not use the shotgun approach; be selective in what you present and focus on what needs to be addressed in order to enhance performance.
  4. Start out first by describing Psychological Skills Training (Chapter 11) and then present and interpret each of the sub-scale scores, and describe what type of skills training (you need to be specific citing information from the above chapters) you would use to improve performance in the areas that you deem need improvement. Finally, you need to identify ways in which you can evaluate the success of your program.
  5. Make sure you edit for content and writing style.

Complete both parts of the assignment as one document. Click on this assignment title/link to submit your assignment. This assignment is worth 40 points.

*Hardy, L., & Nelson, D. (1989, September). Measuring psychological skills in sports per- formers. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the British Association of Sports Sciences, Bangor, Wales.

*Nelson, D., & Hardy, L. (1992). The development and validation of the Sports Psychological Skills Inventory. Unpublished document, University of Bangor, N. Wales.

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