You will write a 3,500–4,000-word (14–16-page) Research Paper in current Turabian format, on a topic of your choice by using the list below. Papers may address one of the following topics:

· The life of Muhammad

· A specific aspect of Islamic history (e.g. the Ummayad dynasty, Crusades, Ottoman Empire)

· A specific aspect of Islamic theology (e.g. the Quran, salvation in Islam, Muslim prayer)

· A sect of Islam (e.g. Sunni, Shia, Sufi)

· Folk Islam

· A specific Muslim people group or country (e.g. Islam in Iran, the Kayble Berbers of Algeria)

· Strategies for witnessing among Muslims (e.g. answering common objections to the Gospel, storying among Muslims)

· Church planting among Muslims

· Controversial issues related to reaching Muslims (e.g. insider movements, Jesus mosques, the Camel method)

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