Question 1

Affective valence, or strength, plays a large role in how we may respond to a situation. Consider an emotional situation you witnessed, such as finding out the car battery is dead. How did emotion affect the decision-making of those involved? Explain how affective content affected the outcome of the situation.

Question 2

We have learned that there a lot of factors that come into play when we are processing new information. Consider a situation in which your attitudes and behaviors did not align, or a similar situation that you witnessed in person. Discuss this situation, and include what you may have done to make the attitude and the behavior more in line. Could you have changed your attitude or behavior? Should you have? Why, or why not? Explain.


Describe an experience, which caused or allowed you to bring your attitudes or beliefs into alignment. Did your attitude affect your behavior? Explain. 

Your response should be at least 300 words in length.


Maio and Haddock discuss several principles that affect how attitudes are shaped. Discuss the concept of the principle of the unknown. Include a potential situation in which this principle may apply. 

Your response should be at least 400 words in length.

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