Psychology assignment

  1. Choose a behavior you wildo regularly (e.g. brush your teeth, drive your car, watch TV, etc.)
  2. The brain is made up of neurons. Explain how a message is transmitted within a neuron.
  3. Explain how a message is transmitted between neurons.
  4. Finally, from the list below choose ten different parts of the brain. Then explain what each of these ten parts of your brain is doing while you are completing that activity. Be sure to explain what each brain part does and how it is being used for your specific activity.
    Reticular formation
    Frontal lobes (that is not the motor cortex)
    Motor cortex
    Occipital lobes
    Parietal lobes or sensory cortex
    Temporal lobes
    Association areas
    Left (or right) hemisphere
    Corpus callosum

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