Psychology Crisis Evaluation87519a-4

For this assignment, you are given 3 brief crisis scenarios and 1 vignette to evaluate.  Cite your work according to APA format. Legal and ethical issues, and issues of culture and diversity must be addressed when relevant.
The entire assignment should be 5 pages total plus a title and reference page.

Scenario One
A crisis worker encounters a client manifesting definite symptoms of an internalized transcrisis state. Describe the typical behaviors that such a client might emit during periods of emotional stress or when encountering stressful or anxiety producing events.
Scenario Two
You are a crisis worker that has been dispatched to help a woman who is being forcibly evicted from her home by the police. She raised her children in this house, which was built with insurance funds from when her husband’s brother died in a train accident. Outline how you would apply the SAFETY model to this case.
Scenario Three
You are a crisis worker that has been called in to help with a client at a small substance abuse treatment clinic. The client is agitated and unable to sit still or attend to the group conversation. The therapist on site is concerned about the safety of the client as well as the safety of others in the room. Once you have met with the client you determine that he is not a physical danger to himself or the others. How do you decide the amount of direction you will use with this client? Which action strategies will you use to resolve this crisis?

Vignette One

The following vignette is designed for you to demonstrate your understanding of the assessment and intervention of crisis and trauma. You must include culture specific understanding and recognize legal and ethical issues present.

Sheri is a 25-year-old, Iranian woman who came to the United States when she was 15 years old. Her family fled the country after her mother’s brother was killed.  Though she did not witness his death, Sheri reports that she can still hear her mother’s cries and feel her sorrow.  No one in the family was allowed to mention her uncle’s death once they arrived in the U.S.  Sheri tells you she has fears of abandonment and is terrified of being alone.  Sometimes she finds herself numb for no reason and tells you she feels like her life is a movie.  Sheri is now married to a wonderful man and they have one 2-year old daughter who she loves dearly. At times, Sheri has the sensation that she is being stalked and fears that someone is going to kidnap her daughter. She admits to bouts of depression and sleep disturbances but says they are infrequent and do not last more than a day or two. She claims that her life is fulfilling and meaningful but sometimes “these attacks” worry her.
Provide an assessment and intervention plan for Sheri. Remember to consider culture and legal/ethical issues in your response.

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