“Putting it All Together – Revising the Justification Report”, ENG 315 Professional Communications Week 6 Discussion 1


“Putting it All Together – Revising the Justification Report” Please respond to the following:

  • This week, you will utilize the techniques that you have studied in your Week 6 readings to revise your Justification Report while adding the final parts. Based on your readings, state three (3) things that you will be looking for as you revised and proofread (e.g. organization, structure, grammar elements). Discuss the strategies that you will implement to ensure that your assingment is polished and in final draft format.


This week, you have a bit of a break as you prepare the final parts of your Justification Report Assignment.

This is a great week to consider all that you’ve learned so far about professional communications. It’s also a good time to revisit what it means to revise your work.

Revision is often said to be where the real work begins. It means taking a look at what you’ve already written, and in this case your professor’s comments, and revising your work to make it as solid as it can be. Regardless of the type of writing you are doing, you should always revise your work. There is, however, often confusion between what encompasses revision vs. proofreading.

Revising means looking for “big picture” items. This includes overall organization, voice, and structure. These are the “bones” of your writing, and without having each of these in place, your writing may well fall apart. Organized writing flows, is cohesive in structure, and makes sense. This is the place where you want to begin your revision.

After you’ve completed your revision, it’s time to pull out your metaphorical red pen and look for errors in grammar and punctuation. This is proofreading. Though important, these are “small picture” items, and taking a closer look at these areas should come after you’ve revised “big picture” items.

To reiterate the steps to revising any assignment, here are a few helpful resources:





Revising for Clarity:


Tailoring Language to Your Audience:


Organization and Correctness:


During Week 7, you’ll complete your Justification Report Assignment by adding final sections and revising the assignments you’ve already submitted. Following the guidelines mentioned above will help ensure your assignment earns the grade you’ve worked hard to earn.

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