Based on this Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth on GRIT. (Link below)

This assignment is about first reading the material (supplied pdf’s), second applying to the video link to the material and then third writing about what you think, reflective analysis.  You also must reference your material i.e. the reading, and additional material with both in-text citations and references.  Please use word and the APA format to ensure you using it correctly.  You sound smarter when you reference material, because material exists and showing where it originally came from shows you did the work.  That is key to advanced academic works. See posting for APA links or try the library.

This is to be clear and concise writing and not remember the reader has since the video and read the readings so you must link your thinking.

Q1. What readings does this Ted Talk relate to?  Explain. Why is Grit important?  / 5 marks

Q2. Apply this is to your real life. How can this knowledge be helpful?  / 5 marks

Q 3.  Research a leader that you believe has GRIT and explain. / 5 marks


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