Questions about Young Goodman Brown

Answer each of the following questions in complete sentences on your own sheet of paper. Keep in mind that some questions may have two parts to answer. You must include an answer to each question. This assignment does not need to be typed and will be turned in with portfolio 1 in lesson 5.

  1. Who is the figure that Goodman Brown meets in the forest? How is he characterized?
  2. How does Goodman Brown view his actions in relation to his family history? How does his companion respond to Brown’s claims about his family?
  3. How much influence does Goodman Brown’s companion claim to have?
  4. After his encounter in the forest with Goody Cloyse, Goodman Brown tries to resist the devil’s temptation by raising what issue?
  5. At what precise moment does Goodman Brown lose his faith?
  6. How does Goodman Brown react to his wife and others upon his return to Salem? Why? Is he justified in acting this way?
  7. Do you think what Goodman Brown experiences is reality or a dream? Why?

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