read book <Atomic Comics> write a history paper (4-6pages), history homework help

Your paper will be based upon Ferenc Morton Szasz’s Atomic Comics: Cartoonist Confront the Nuclear World.  It will be in proper essay format, including an introduction, main body and conclusion.  You conclusion should sum up and close off your paper, not simply repeat the introduction.  Your papers should be typed and double-spaced.

You must use proper references, done in the Chicago Manual of Style system. This link (Links to an external site.) will show you how to use the Chicago/Turabian style.  Note that this involves footnotes instead of parenthetical references.  In Word, to insert a footnote, go to the Insert menu and scroll down to “Footnote.”  Please refer to the syllabus or to the Collier Library’s page (Links to an external site.) on plagiarism if you are confused.  

Your essay should be 4-6pp (pages) in length, exclusive of title page or bibliography.

Your essay should be in response to the following question:

How did comic books and cartoons translate the science of the Cold War?  How did this translation change over the course of the 1950s?

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