Religion assignment 2, philosophy homework help

Your task is to create an argument for both sides of a debate. You are to create “notecards” that you would use in your debate. You should have three “for” notecards and three “against” notecards. Each notecard should have one statement that supports one side of the argument along with three supports from a credible source.  (The format looks like an outline—but the concept is that you are creating notecards for a verbal debate. This means you need to write in complete sentences, but you do not need the introduction, conclusion, and transitions of a formal paper.) Debate Topic Options: 1. Is it possible to believe in both science and Christianity? 2. Is Buddhism truly compatible with science?  At least two of your sources must come from the 
Online Library. Include a title page and a separate reference page. The title of your debate should be the question you are answering. No abstract is needed. 
from online library, two articles are attached. please use it as a helpful source in this project and then include reference.( reference is already attached as well) gather other information from anywhere else but please include references. also, please follow all the instructions from above.

IF your work is plagiariased or you sell to another student, you wont get paid , have a good review or have tip included.looking for serious tutor to do this assigment.

thank you.

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