Remix Essay


Remix Essay

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Anything can be a text. For much of this semester, we have been examining various types of texts: short stories, essays, rhetorical analysis, comedy sketches, news reports, comic strips, and others. Now, it is time for you to think about messages and the ways in which we convey them. In this essay, you will convert one of your old essays into a new form: you may make a video, write a flyer, record a song, make a website, paint a picture, put together a remix, or anything else conceptual that you can think of (henceforth, I will say “remix” for your project, but keep in mind that anything can make up a remix). Essentially, you must try and transmit the same thoughts that you put forth in some other essay, in a new type of medium. 

Think carefully about which medium you choose. How is this medium different from a written one? What is gained by putting forth an old message in a new way? What is lost? How is a written essay different from a video? What can you say with language that cannot be said with a painting, and vice versa? While written language can be involved in your remix, it should not be the main focus; instead, the main focus should be something that is not and cannot be written down. 


Your remix must be accompanied by a 3-5 page reflection that addresses your remix. The reflection should tell me which essay you are basing your remix on, why you’ve chosen that particular essay, why you chose the medium you did, and how I am supposed to read your argument. Do not simply restate the argument you are making in your remix — instead, tell me how the argument is present in your remix. 

Here is a list of possible questions for you to address in your reflection: Why did you choose this medium? How does it relate to your essay? What were you able to add to your original essay (in terms of meaning)? What was lost in the conversion? What do you want your audience to see in your remix? How is this evident? Why is it structured the way it is? What are you trying to articulate? How should the audience react? 

Remember that if you use any material (pictures, songs, etc.) that are not original to you (meaning that you somehow produced them), you must cite them. For example, if you use a picture from AP News, cite the place you found the picture. 

The reflection must be: 

  • At least 3 full pages
  • Include a Works Cited page and in-text citations, if necessary
  • Be in MLA format
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