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Reply to:Scholars or specialists within that specific field write scholarly journals to collaborate with other researchers or professionals in that subject or area. These publications provide concepts and theories, scientific data, and other information, all while keeping readers up to date on advances in that topic or study. Key identifiers are that they are written by professionals in a specific field of study. Typically, academically focused on research, including original research, technique, theory, and/or experimental details. No unnecessary data or grammatical errors will be found as in most cases the journals are published in professional magazines.Peer-reviewed journals incorporate content that fits the aforementioned requirements for academic journals but has also gone through a critique and refinement process prior to publication. Normally peer-reviewed journals are written by an expert or professional but not by the reviewer. The journal is critiqued by peers to ensure correctness and accuracy before providing feedback to the original author (Dunn & Halonen, 2020). After it goes through the peer revision the scholarly resource is adjusted before publication.

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