reply to students

Student 1:After reviewing the material, I believe the most appropriate differential reinforcement procedure to use in this scenario would be differential reinforcement of low rate. According to Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2020), “Differential reinforcement of low rates (DRL) produces a lower rate of responding. Under the DRL schedule, a response produces reinforcement when it occurs after a time criterion has elapsed.” Due to the teacher timing how often, Julia was raising her hand and the goal being to reduce frequency of the hand raising, the logical choice would seem to be the low rate procedure. Becraft, Borrero, Davis, Mendres-Smith, and Castillo (2018) stated,” A potential benefit of a full-session DRL is that it is easier to implement. That is, practitioners will likely use larger interval sizes because doing so decreases the total number of intervals” (p. 7). The goal here is not to eliminate the behavior completely but to increase the intervals between behavior because in a classroom setting raising your hand is an appropriate response to have.Student 2:I would use a differential reinforcement of low rates to reduce Julia’s hand raising. I would use differential reinforcement of low rates (DRL) because hand raising is a behavior we want to see in a classroom, it shows participation and is a socially accepted behavior, we just don’t want to see in an excessive amounts. DRL has been shown to be effective in classrooms, studies have shown that children’s requests for a teacher’s attention can be reduced by not entirely eliminated by a DRL schedule. I don’t believe other DR strategies would be efficient here as they require reinforcing totally incompatible behavior or reinforcing an alternative behavior, which will only make the problem different in the case of Julia. The way the DRL would work is that the teacher would give Julia reinforcement, it doesn’t quite matter what the reinforcement is so long as it does in fact reinforce the behavior, if Julia only raises her hand a specific number of times during an hour period. So Julia would be reinforced, for example, only if she raised her hand six or less times. If she raises her hand more than six times, she does not get reinforced.

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