Research essay

1.Throughout the semester you will visit ONE of Tallahassee’s historical museums and write your visit paper.







THE Grove (Old Governor’s Mansion known officially as the Call-Collins House at the Grove)

  1. For directions to the museums and their hours of operation, go to the Museum Websites. There you will find the websites with all the necessary information.
  2. When you arrive at the museum, obtain a brochure from the visitor desk. Tour the museum, jotting down notes about the exhibits that you see. When you finish your tour, have a museum employee or historical re-enactor sign and date your brochure. They will be glad to do this!
  3. Snap a picture of yourself (“selfies” are acceptable but if you go with a group have someone else take the picture) at the museum and embed it into your paper. Your paper must be written in MS WORD and have the picture embedded in it. The picture is a requirement! Find an interesting exhibit, artifact, or sign and take your picture with it. Have fun! If you do NOT include an image the paper can NOT exceed a score of 80.
  4. Write a minimum 1000 word essay (typed, double spaced, one inch margins in MS Word) describing the museum exhibits. Your first paragraph is your introduction. Your “body” (multiple paragraphs) is a summary of the content of the museum and its historical significance. Tie the content of the museum to the themes of our class and any specific content that matches the content from our lectures and/or the textbook. You can paraphrase our notes or supplement the content from the Museum with what is found in our textbook. The last section in your paper should include your own thoughts about the museum.  Did you enjoy the visit? Did you learn anything new?  Did the visit influence your thinking about the past? IMPORTANT: You must write about your own thoughts and observations. You should also visit any of the museums’ websites. All website information must be either clearly quoted or put into your own words. The Library has the info on Chicago Manual of Style/Turabian citations. The bulk of your paper can be your own thoughts and observations but do include some properly cited museum website information, our textbook and/or additional sources. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST THREE CITATIONS (one from our textbook, one from the museum’s brochure or website and a third from any academic source)![2] Do not cut and paste from the museum website. You will receive 0 points if you do that.  If you do NOT include citations (also referred to as footnotes) the paper can NOT exceed a score of 80.
  5. 7. SPELL CHECK and GRAMMAR CHECK. Run an MS WORD spell and grammar check before turning the paper in.
  6. STAPLE your signed and dated brochure to your paper and bring it to class on the day that you formally submit. STAPLE STAPLE STAPLE!
  7. Please sign the Museum Guest Book if it is out and displayed. This benefits the museum by helping it document attendance for funding purposes.
  8. Remember, your primary assignment is to HAVE FUN! Go when you have some time and are not in a rush. Going with friends, spouses, relatives, significant others or young children can make the visit even more enjoyable! (The museums are child friendly)  And, of course, visiting a museum or historic site is a great way to broaden your perspective on the modern world!

[1] Both the historic Capitol and the Grove include “bonus” points. If you visit these sites and identify the Director by name you can earn +2 for that submission.

[2] Here is exactly how you should add a textbook to your work cited page (in Turabian style): Shi, David Emory. America: A Narrative History, Volume 1. 11th edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2016. For footnotes, you will do the following: George Tindall and David Emory Shi. America: A Narrative History, Volume 1. 11th edition (New York: W.W. Norton, 2016) p.#.

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