Research Paper 1250 words Min (Writer choice of topic) except 2 below bolded

NOTE****you are not allowed to write about same-sex marriage or abortion for this paper

 Research Paper Rough Draft Remember that the goal of the research paper is to show the reader to see your perspective on the topic you’ve chosen, and convince him or her to adopt your stance. You will achieve this by sharing with the reader the fruits of the extensive research you have performed on this topic. Through the research process, you should have some advanced level of knowledge about your topic, and be prepared to answer your research question from the Research Essay Proposal Discussion Forum (or, some other research question you’ve developed in the course of research). Make a strong case as you answer this question, one that your audience would seriously consider. You will use in-text quotations and paraphrasing to support your argument, demonstrating your understanding of the topic and showcasing the work you put into developing your position. As always, do not plagiarize. All direct quotations and information taken from your sources must be credited in APA style. Present all of your research in a responsible, organized way and make the main ideas in the essay your own. If you plagiarize, you will get no credit, and there will be no chance to make up the points you lost. Depending on the severity of the plagiarism, you may not be able to pass the course. To properly complete the draft, consider the following steps: • With the benefit of all your research, craft a thesis statement that answers, in 1-2 sentences, the research question you posed to explore in the Research Essay Proposal Discussion Forum (or, a thesis statement that otherwise indicates both the topic you’re discussing, and your attitude toward it). For example, if your research question was, “Is the bird flu a credible threat, and what can we do to prevent it?” your thesis statement might be, “The United States can prepare for the possible devastation of a bird flu epidemic by investing in vaccine research and the infrastructure required to mass produce, transport, and administer vaccines to a large population. Additionally, average people can prepare for the bird flu by keeping a stockpile of emergency supplies.” • Develop an outline, to make certain that your organization of information will effectively prove your thesis statement. Be sure to account for contextualization; if you used the above thesis statement example, you must spend some amount of essay space discussing what bird flu is, and its likelihood of spreading, even though those issues don’t directly answer the thesis statement. This kind of contextualization is important for longer papers. • Consider the purpose, audience, and tone of your essay – make sure to bear in mind who you’re writing for, what you want them to take away, and how to effectively reach them through writing. • Draft topic sentences and body paragraphs for each section in your outline. Make sure that each paragraph has a topic sentence and an appropriate amount of supporting detail from your sources. Consider whether the detail in each paragraph relates to the main point of the paragraph. Remember, your paragraphs should be unified, developed, and coherent, and have strong topic sentences. • Make sure that your sources provide adequate support for the points you’re making. If necessary, do more research. Additionally, make sure that you are using the content of a source appropriately – not only do you want to make sure that you are citing, referencing, summarizing, quoting, and paraphrasing properly, but you also want to be sure that you are not misinterpreting the author’s words, or taking his or her points out of context. • Incorporate your sources by using quotations and paraphrasing your sources in each paragraph. You must cite your sources each time you quote or refer to information in them. Each reference listed should have at least one corresponding in-text citation. • Take precautions to avoid biased language in your writing. Additionally, employ the concept of “show, don’t tell” as much as possible in this essay. • Write an appropriate introduction, conclusion, and title for your essay. Your introductory section should introduce your reader to the topic and include your thesis statement. Your conclusion should restate your thesis and your main points. • Finally, add a title that indicates the main idea of the essay, without restating your thesis statement. • This essay should be roughly 1250 words in length. Make sure to carefully consider the Research Essay rubric as you work through this assignment! Remember, your paper should include 5 sources and be at least 1250 words.  



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