Research Paper

Attached is a problem stated document .Now basing on that problem mentioned in the attached document (which is ”

Lack of Continuous update on Technical Stack leads to  Rapid Obsolescence of their core products.”)

locate at least five scholarly peer-reviewed papers and at least three industry sources such as Websites, whitepapers, or reports that contain information on others’ attempts to address or better understand the problem you identified.  Your goal is to find out what knowledge is already out there related to solving or better understanding this problem.  These numbers are a minimum.  If you can’t/don’t get the whole picture with these eight resources, find more.

Compose an initial post in which you address the following:

•  A short recap of the problem you identified

•  For each reference,

  • The full APA-formatted citation
  • A summary of the major points or key takeaways related to solving or understanding the problem

Do not use Wikipedia or similar sites.  Do not use blog posts unless they are official publications of the relevant companies or their employees (e.g., Michael Zuckerberg’s blog would be an appropriate source for information about Facebook).

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