Research paper

The Assignment:

For this essay assignment, you will write a minimum of five (5) maximum of seven (7) pages using a minimum of 5 sources, including at least two books, two journal essays and no more than one internet source.

Research Question

Choose a specific group of women (for example: Black women, Latina women, trans women, etc.), then choose a specific topic we have discussed in class (for example: media, gender roles, racism, sexism, sexual violence, reproductive justice, etc.), and answer the following question:

How has the particular topic impacted this particular group of women both throughout history and today?

  • Although this question allows for freedom to go in many direction, be sure to be as specific and focused as possible in your research, argument, and final paper.

Your Essay will include the following:

  • Introduction: establish the significance of your topic in relation to the essay question, present your topic and/or argument with a strong thesis statement.
  • Analysis: present the evidence to support your thesis. You may compare your sources to one another and/or relate them to one another, always with your thesis statement in mind.
  • Opinion: Your essay will include your evaluation of the chosen topic. Your personal evaluation should also be based on evidence and informed by events, people, and writings.
  • Conclusion/closing argument: end your paper well. A good conclusion gives a brief review or summary of the evidence and support of the thesis. A good conclusion also provides the reader with one to two sentences that reinforce the validity of the thesis statement.
  • Formatting: Your paper should include a work cited or bibliography as well as in text citation in MLA style.
  • Other Formatting: Your paper should be double-spaced, typed, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, and include a title page.

A well-written essay has a clear outline with smooth transitions, a strong thesis statement and a strong closing argument or conclusion.

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