Research Paper

5-7 pages; minimum 5 academic/professional references published in last 5 yrs.

You work for a health care organization that frequently needs to share information with other providers. Your organization has a very important relationship with a diagnostics center in particular where you frequently need to share patient information such as lab results, X-rays, and other diagnostic information. 

  • You have been asked to review your company’s protocols on sharing and receiving patient information for outside providers to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the latest standards and regulations.   
    • Write an executive summary that examines the compliance procedures and practice guidelines that these organizations would need to establish to achieve optimum operational effectiveness while complying with federal, state, and local laws governing patient information security and records retention.
    • Analyze the current trends in patient data capture and information sharing among health care providers, assessing their impact on your organization’s operations.    

There are rules and regulations, as well as best practices in terms of sharing information. You need to detail these rules and requirements for outside data sharing. This includes HIPAA, HITECH, DUAs, and BAAs to name a few. You need to summarize what is required,  what is recommended and what are best practices. You need to tell me how long you can or have to retain any record sent from this other facility. You need to outline the most efficient practices for sharing information. You need to tell me if any of it is  protected and cannot be shared in a two way fashion. You need to let me know how nad what you are required to disclose to patients who use your facility regarding this sharing. 

Then you need to discuss trends in sharing data. What are HCOs doing now, where are they moving, and what will this look like in the future?

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