research paper

Your research paper needs to be an argumentative paper, and this means that your introduction should include a thesis statement that focuses your paper on an arguable, supportable, and interesting claim.This thesis should state the author and literary work or works you will be focusing on.While the actual argumentative claim provided in this thesis may change as you research, your paper must be on the author you choose here.This will help you guard against procrastination later in the course.

-Submit your Proposed Paper Topic by providing the following information:

Your name:

Author you will discuss:

Work or works you will discuss:

Thesis statement:

-For further guidance in writing thesis statements and choosing topics, see pages 2069-2072 in our textbook.

-The general rubric for the Proposed Paper Topic is provided below:

Includes author to be discussed

10 points

Includes work or works to be discussed

10 points

Quality of thesis statement

25 points

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

5 points

Submission status

Submission status No attempt

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