Research Paper. Proposal Study

Topic: Teen Abstinence EducatioStep 1

*Formulation of the research problem statement (step one) statement purpose should include (1) why is this a social problem (based on social science literature) and (2) why is this a value to Social Workers

*using topic heading (secondary & third level) the problem statement and discussion may be addressed somewhat generally. *operational definition & operationalization *Independent and dependent variable

Be sufficiently clear concepts of the research question to indicate exactly what the question is and how it relates to existing theory.

It must be possible to carry out the activities needed to investigate the question.

Based on the literature, define the concepts and variables.

Constructing operational definitions, these definitions specify how the major concepts of the study will be identified and measured

Relate the study to existing theory (does one study verify and support or refute the work of other studies? does your study and the study of others replace or improve research plans or methodologies previously used?

Write the research question – identify the independent & dependent variable, relate the question to the literature and explain how this question has and will be provided and is based on the operational definition. and proposed the operationalization of the variables specifically the independent &n dependent variable.  Sources and plagiarism statement must be provided

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