Resource Portfolio

Please review the work before agreeing to do the assignment.Resource PortfolioUnit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:Conduct research using the internet to locate credible sources of information.Prioritize resources based on their relevance to your career.Compile resources in an organized format.Course outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:HS100-3: Create a portfolio that outlines relevant career resources and support materials for a health science profession.InstructionsIn Unit 5, you participated in a Discussion where you explored the components of a resources list or an annotated bibliography and its usefulness to you as a student and in your professional career. As you discovered, it is important for all health professionals be able to find, evaluate, use, and cite quality information. Whether you work with documentation in a medical office or teach a wellness workshop, the information you provide should be accurate.For this Assignment, you will create an organized resource portfolio with a minimum of five resources aligned to your desired profession in health science and then reflect on those resources. These can include brochures, organizations, books, articles, websites, and more. Locating and organizing quality resources are skills you will use throughout your degree program and in your health profession.Requirements:Your portfolio should include resources for each of the following areas (1 resource for each):Current issuesProfessional associationEducational resourceProfessional journalAreas of current researchFor each resource, provide:An APA formatted reference (do not cut and paste reference directly from the internet or another resource)A paragraph including the following:What is the resource and what type of information/service does it provide?Was the resource easy to find?Do you believe the resource contains accurate information?How do you see this resource useful to a health professional?Feel free to refer to websites in previous units to help you in your search for useful resources.You can view some examples here. Be sure to also utilize the resources provided to you on the Reading page for this unit to help you with the structure of this Assignment. You can also use the following template to help you with completing the Assignment.Submit as an MS Word document to the Dropbox.Do you want to learn more about how to write an organized resources list or an annotated bibliography or how to use APA format for references? Would you like to see more examples? Check out the following link for additional resources from the KU Writing Center.Annotated Bibliographies and References in APA FormatID: HS100-06-10-AS

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