Discussion reply minimum 50 words, in own words please

1: What process do you use to solve a system of linear inequalities? How do you know where to shade and whether the lines should be dotted or solid?

2:You need to get the inequality in the form y=mx+b but instead the = sign will be an inequality sign <, > , less than and equal to, and greater than and equal to.  The line will be dotted if the sign is < or >. The line will be solid if the sign is telling less than or equal to sign or the greater than and equal to. If X or Y is less than or less than and equal to the equation than you shade under the line or to the left of the line. If X or Y is greater than or greater than and equal to the equation than you shade above the line or to the right of the line.

3:Good work on the DQ Tiffany! Here is an additional question for you and the class. What would you do to check your answer to make sure you have shaded the correct area of the graph?

4:We have worked with systems using 2 or 3 linear inequalities. How many linear inequalities could you have in a system?

5:How many solution sets do systems of linear inequalities have? Do solutions to systems of linear inequalities need to satisfy both inequalities? 

6: give an real  world example using linear inequalities?

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