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Toddlers with better self-regulation skills are less likely to demonstrate behavior problems in preschool because they have learned how to calm their emotions, change their behavior to reach a desired goal, and adjust accordingly.  It is important that self-regulation skills are taught early on in infancy and continue to be scaffolding throughout toddlerhood.  “Toddlers’ success at self-regulation is critical for their adjustment later in life” (Bojczyk, Shriner & Shriner, 2012). 

It is also imperative that teachers have great self-regulation skills themselves before they can teach others how to self-regulate.   “Children learn to regulate thoughts, feeling, behavior, and emotion by watching and responding to adult’s self-regulation” (Florez, 2011).  I will promote self-regulation skills by only teaching what is developmentally appropriate for the age group and children I work with.  “Effective teachers use a variety of strategies to bridge the developmental space between what children already know and can do and more complex skills and knowledge” (Florez, 2011).  The three strategies I will use to scaffold self-regulation are modeling the behavior I want to teach, using hints and cues to allow the child to figure out the problem, and slowly withdrawing my help when I recognize the child no longer needs it to complete the task, but still being close by in case the child does need more support from me. 

An example of my own self-regulation skill is my ability to remain calm when I get frustrated.  I can show this skill to others and teach them how to calm their emotions so that they can achieve the desired goals they want.  Taking a in few deep breaths and exhaling them slowly will usually slow down your heart rate and allow you to relax.  After you are able to relax and think more clearly, you can then continue the task you set out to do in a more effective way.

50 words or more. Suggest additional ways self-regulation skills are important. Reflect on the instructional strategies your classmates will use to teach self-regulation and offer additional strategies that you believe will work well. 

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