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Please respond to/add/agree/disagree this discussion post in 50 words or more. Please use the website given and/or the chapter in order to cite within your answer. When citing within the answer/response post, please use (Foner, pg #).

1. Sojourner Truth was a former slave who escaped, and became an abolitionist and women’s rights activist. “Owned by a series of masters, she was freed in 1827 by the New York Gradual Abolition Act and worked as a domestic. In 1843 she believed that she was called by God to travel around the nation–sojourn–and preach the truth of his word.”(African American Odyssey) According to wikipedia, she was the first black women to win in court, after she tried to gain back custody of her son.

William Lloyd Garrison was a white abolitionist and poet, who used verse to spread the message. Also, according to Wikipedia, “He is best known as the editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator, which he founded with Isaac Knapp in 1831 and published in Massachusetts until slavery was abolished by Constitutional amendment after the American Civil War. He was one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society.”

2.  Song was an important tool to the abolitionists, and they took advantage of it. The website explains that “Music was one of the most powerful weapons of the abolitionists. In 1848, William Wells Brown, abolitionist and former slave, published The Anti-Slavery Harp, “a collection of songs for anti-slavery meetings,” which contains songs and occasional poems.”(African American Odyssey) “Songsters” were a really popular way to spread the music around, they were books with “the lyrics and indicating the tunes to which they are to be sung, but with no music.”

Another method that abolitionists used to gain sympathy for their cause was through books for children, “distributed by the Sunday School Union, uses actual life stories about slave children separated from their parents or mistreated by their masters to excite the sympathy of free children.” (African American Odyssey)  It was targeted towards white christian children, and contained graphic illustrations to make a stronger point.

3. I enjoy learning and seeing first hand examples of how the movement was spread, and real stories of the abolitionists involved, especially about the lesser known abolitionists, who made a huge difference in their time, but their stories are not told as often. 

4. I think that the website is an amazing resource for the history of the abolition movement. What I found interesting after doing more research about each abolitionist, was how many of them were also activists for women’s rights- something that didn’t get that much historical attention until the turn of the century. 

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