response to the short video

Please watch this short (18 min) Ted Talk by Michael Dowd:

direct your response in one of the following areas: 

a) Do you think that Dowd’s system does harm to ‘religion’ or to ‘science’? 
b) Is Dowd successful in his argument that the differences between science and religion are reconciled by reality (as he defines it)? 
c) What do you think the implications would be if the system that Dowd advocates was accepted? What implications would it have for science as we now practice it? Or for religion as it is practiced in its various forms? 
d) In your opinion, did Dowd leave something out? Or misunderstand or miscast a fundamental piece of information which he bases the substance of his theory on? 

I understand that some of Dowd’s thoughts are a bit controversial, and out there a bit. I’m not at all asking that you take his view as true, or as better in any way than what you currently think – I’m only asking that you interact with his line of thought, and in part, I think this will be worth discussing because his view is really different and probably controversial. 

must be respectful, response in 200 words, no essay, just answer to question on how you feel about the video.

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